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Pact Arcanum

It has been mere decades since the wizards of the twelve schools were summoned to perform the Pact Arcanum, but even so, they are called forth once again by the mysterious ties that bind them to the ritual. The world faces a time of change, magic is not what it once was, and strange omens from inside and out promise a future unimaginable.

The twelve schools are themselves at odds, miracles, unnatural disaster and a menace from outside threaten mundane human kind. Can the wizards of the Pact Arcanum protect themselves and their planet? Do they want to?

Pact Arcanum is a twelve person live action roleplaying game set in the wizard society of a modern world. The setting is current, but there is a mystic component to current events. Magic plays a very real, if unobserved role.


  • Originaly run at PolyCon in San Luis Obispo, CA in June, 2007

Matt and Kelly plot by gaslight

Dan casts a spell on you


This LARP was very different to write because all of the characters are archetypes. We started by making a list of all the types, or paradigms, of magic that we could think of and then narrowed that down to twelve. Each character then was created to represent that kind of magic, and the way of thinking that would prevail to a practitioner. I don't want to give anything away, but how personality and perspective affect what you can be and what you can do play a major role in this game. - Candace Carpenter, Writer, GM


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