About Us

Our goal is to run a great LARP.
In order to ensure that the LARPs we run are the best possible we have a few rules that we live by:

  1. The point is to have fun. -- Maintaining story and plot integrity are important, but secondary to having fun.
  2. No one is an extra. -- Each character holds a crucial part of the plot, we don't write characters that serve only as supporting cast.
  3. Minimize NPCs. -- Non Player Characters are frequently used as plot drivers and antagonists; but NPCs are a drain on GM resources and make PC decision making less important.

To learn more about Verisim LARPs, we have provided links to articles about LARP writing, running and playing. If you would like to contribute, contact us at

Proping Out a LARP by Amanda Carpenter
Adding props to your LARP adds another dimension to player interaction and the setting. No one can deny that they feel a whole hell of a lot cooler brandishing a shiny plastic pistol at their enemies than a 3x5 card. Neither can anyone compare smuggling a foot high graven image through a room full of bloodthirsty fanatics to walking through a room with a folded wad of paper stuffed in their pocket. Props can be a powerful component in your LARP. More...

Inventing Disaster: Five Ways that Good GMs Can Ruin a LARP by Kurt Horner
It's easy to think that all LARP writing errors are caused by poor GM communication or lack of preparation. However, even dutiful, like-minded GMs can unintentionally create a live-action disaster. Truth be told, I have committed every one of these errors at one time or another. All of these fun-crushing problems can arise out of what would otherwise be a really good idea, anyone interested in writing LARPs should take heed. More...


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