About Us

Candace Carpenter, Co-founder, is the resident Cthulhu expert, being somewhat ichthyoidal herself. She has run numerous RPGs and LARPs in numerous genres and systems, but never ceases to try to scare her players out of their wits. Candace also is very interested in costuming and props and encourages others to do likewise. She scoffs openly at index cards and has the utmost regard for those who care to come to LARP in costume.

Kurt Horner, Co-founder, has been a gamer since age 9 when he was reprimanded by his teachers for reading D&D books in class. After grappling with cardboard addiction (M:tG) in high school, Kurt discovered the methadone treatment that is LARPing. Soon disenchanted with the various Monster: the Subtitle LARPs, Kurt began to write his own live action games and has collaborated on more than twenty LARPs to-date.

Zac Parsons, Co-founder, has been playing and creating games since he was old enough to speak, but has only been involved in larping since 1995. Since then he has created and run dozens of larps and played in countless more. This legacy of larping has left him with a mild distrust of games with dice, but he still has a chain mail dice bag that weighs several pounds.

Amanda Carpenter prefers games that offer players room to build and personalize their characters, making them their own. Her goal in any LARP is for the players to experience the most aggregate fun possible (and the GMs too, if possible). To further this end, she supports her players as much as possible. It is always a goal in game to make sure that players are only frustrated by in-game situations, and not the rules that accompany the game.

Brian Matis was introduced to gaming by his Boy Scout troop which, when not lighting things on fire, played D&D into all hours of the night. Yet, it wasn't until college that he stumbled upon the gaming bliss that is LARPing. Well regarded as a talented writer, top-notch idea man, and absurd hyperbolist (and not to mention, word-inventor), he proves to be a desired collaborator; even if his perfectionism oft drives others to madness.

Matt Staley has been gaming since he was 9 years old. He has been helping run LARP's for 4 years and lives in San Luis Obispo, CA. His favorite LARP genres are Horror and Political Intrigue but he is open to running just about anything. In addition to LARPing, he enjoys RPGs, minitures and Strategy games.


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