About Us

Welcome to Verisim's home on the Web. We are a Live Action Role Playing Troupe based in San Luis Obispo, California. Verisim was founded in 2004 to help organize local LARP writers so that we have a communal resource and player pool to draw from. Everyone involved in Verisim has been running tabletop and live action games for many years and we are committed to continuing that tradition for many more.

We attend game conventions throughout California, and will keep our new events posted here. We hope you can join us for our next LARP!

If you have questions about any of our events, feel free to cotact us at

Upcoming Events

We've running a LARP this fall - Inspired by Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, the LARP explores a 19th century England where magic has been rekindled and Fae forces collide with government, military and academic bureaucracies.

In our efforts to encourage LARPing in San Luis Obispo, we have created the SLO LARPers Google Group, if you are a San Luis Obispo area LARPer (or think you might want to be one), we encourage you to participate.


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